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  • How to implement TabLayout in android app – quick video guide
  • Making of Warsaw Modernism Tour Guide

    During my Google Developer Nanodegree Scholarship I was asked to write an article about making my Warsaw Modernism Tour Guide app. Hope you enjoy it.   Link:

  • Wizz Air. Route Wwa – Rome – Waw. Unforgettable emotions.

    The acceptable dimensions of free luggage in Wizzair airline are 42x32x25cm, which means generally that you are allowed only to have a backpack. I have realised it just before entering the Gate on Okecie airport, squeezing my fairly large suitcase on wheels. Polish inspectors randomly selected people by checking their luggage. Two ladies in front…

  • Photo apps for smartphones – which you should have

    The rapid development of the smartphone market has led to the fact that today literally everyone can say that „We are all photographers” (With this particular slogan I will not agree – this is a subject for another felieton). I give you the most handy guide to photo applications that you should have on your…